About Fervi


The company was founded in July 1986, in the form of a limited liability company based on the initiative and professional experience of its founders.
It has kept the nucleus of the firm mostly within the family.

FERVI is dedicated to knitting knits on circular looms. To achieve its goals and follow the best strategys, it bets on the development of its physical and technological infrastructures. To achieve your goals and follow the best strategy for investing in the development of your physical and technological infrastructure.

It has privileged relationships with its customers, mainly due to its ability to comply with specifications and delivery times, as well as the offer of products with a very attractive price / quality ratio.

Mission, vision and values
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Produce and distribute knitted fabrics, combining product quality with constant updating, through the production of new products, the search for new techniques for the creation of samples for distribution, always seeking to understand, satisfy and exceed customer expectations.

>> Offer our customers effectiveness, efficiency and quality in terms of the product and services provided.

>> Permanently invest in innovation and performance improvement geared to meeting the needs of our customers and employees.

>> Cooperate strictly with the community in which we operate while respecting the environment.

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>> Permanent technological update.

>> Focus on results.

>> Integrity and trustworthy conduct.

>> Rigor in meeting technical requirements and obligations.

>>Development of a culture of excellence throughout the organization based on the principles of Quality Management.

>> Exercise of the activity based on ethical standards and compliance with applicable legislation and standards.

>> Commitment to continuous improvement of Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work conditions.

>> Active participation in improving environmental performance.

Quality policy

Management takes Quality as a key element of the Company’s culture, and is therefore everyone’s responsibility.

We understand Quality in its broadest sense, as a business philosophy, aimed at continuously satisfying the needs of the Market, which is achieved through all those involved:
>> Employees, Suppliers and Customers

The Customer is the principle of everything we do and his total satisfaction is the basis of the success of the business.

Our products and services are the result of our human and technical capabilities and their quality is one that is recognized by our customers.

We consider it essential to guarantee:

>> The adoption of an attitude of commitment to the prevention of errors, as a priority of detection.

>> That our activities are developed in compliance with the current Rules and Laws, passing through the continuous improvement of the processes.

>> That our products and services, being available at competitive prices and being supplied in the right place and at the right time, are profitable.

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