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Ferviis responsible for the fervi.ptwebsite, hereinafter referred to as the Fervi website, and undertakes to guarantee the privacy of personal data collected and/or transmitted online. The security and privacy of the data of Fervi’s website users are aspects that are of crucial importance to the company.

Please read the following text to understand and learn how the information you provide will be handled  Fervi.

Fervi reserves the right to change the privacy policy, therefore we advise you to read this document regularly. These texts faithfully reproduce the privacy policy followed by the Fervi website.

1- What information is collected about users?

The collection of personal data takes place at the time of sending the contact form.

The information collected is necessary to ensure the user’s identity. Providing the data requested when contacting the website Fervi is mandatory for the user to use the available services.

The user can update the information provided by him, whenever he wants, by sending an email

The operations of providing personal data are duly protected. All information is encrypted and managed with the most advanced security and encrypted tools.

2- What is the entity responsible for collecting the information?

Fervi is solely responsible for the collection of personal data carried out on the website Fervi. Whenever the user ends the use of this service, Fervi does not assume any responsibility for information collected outside the respective websites.

3- What are cookies and how does Fervi use them?

The cookies used on the website Fervi can be found at: Cookie Policies

4- How is the information collected used?

The information collected will only serve for the following purposes:

– delivery and invoicing of purchases of goods and services;

– compilation of statistics that make it possible to understand how the Fervi  nívelmay improve the level of services it provides and, in this way, respond more effectively to the expectations of users;

– increase the level of personalization of services so that they are adapted, as far as possible, to the tastes and preferences of users.

The personal data provided by the user will be used exclusively for purposes related to the execution of the respective contract, as well as, if the user so authorizes, for information, marketing and telemarketing activities of the  Fervi. Data communications will be made in advance consent of the data subjects.

Fervinão will sell, rent, share or offer the data provided by its readers, except in the situations provided for in this privacy policy.

5- What security procedures does the websitebold,  Fervi have, that guarantee the user the protection of their data against unauthorized access, alteration or destruction?

Fervi  takes all the necessary and legally required precautions to guarantee the protection of the information collected from its users through the site Fervi. These precautions ensure the security of this information online and offline.

Whenever sensitive information is collected or used, the data will be encrypted using SSL.

Thanks to the SSL (Security Sockets Layer), 128-bit protocol, which protects the transmission of all sensitive data over the Internet, all information is treated with maximum security. Your privacy is assured and the risk of data interception during communication is completely eliminated.

6- How can the user correct or delete the information previously provided through the websitebold,  Fervi?

The user can contact  geral@fervi.ptor by mail to R. de Campelo 209, 4750-757 Tamel (São Veríssimo)

7- Other issues you should be aware of about the Fervi privacy policy.

  • Hyperlinks (Links)

The website Fervi contains hyperlinks (links) to other websites (websites). . Fervinão is responsible for the privacy policies of these websites. It is recommended to site users Fervi that, when accessing other websites, they consult the pages that, within those websites, refer to their privacy policies. This text refers only to the privacy policy applicable to the website. Fervi

  • Change of Terms of Use of the website Fervi

Whenever there is a change in the conditions of use of the website Fervi, namely in the Terms and Conditions of Service or in the Privacy Policy, Fervi will send an email to its users.

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