Internal procedure

Commercial Department
Commercial Department

The commercial department bridges the gap between the customer and the company, thus accepting orders, specifying the characteristics and qualities that the knitting must present as per the request, the commercial department conducts a survey in the market in order to assess price, quality and delivery time. for the given order.


After the reception of the knitting by the commercial team, it is analyzed using various instruments, thus making it possible to discover what types of yarns and on which machine the knitting will be produced.

Production_ Laboratory

Fervi has an internal system implemented in order to ensure that all operational procedures are supported by computer and that allows us to track the entire production process from beginning to end.

Reception of the raw material

When the raw material is received, it is assigned an internal batch number where we have computer access to all parameters corresponding to the wire in question: Ne, Composition, supplier, origin, and type of certification. ponding to the wire in question: Ne, Composition, supplier, origin, and type of certification. Fervi has a huge range of high quality national and international suppliers that allows us to receive and develop raw materials quickly. Fervi places great value on not working with suppliers that use or have used child labor exploitation.

Produção_ Receção da Matéria-prima
Produção_Armazenamento Fio
Wire Storage

Products must be received, stored, separated and identified with a green organic GOTS label, organic blue OCSlabel, recycled yellow GRS label, orange FSCand white label for all other raw materials that do not include the certificates mentioned above. warehouse. All raw materials contain the following information: internal batch number, Ne, composition, supplier and correct claim in their respective


When necessary, we have to proceed with the division of the raw material into several cones, according to the machine chosen by Planning. Fervi has several types of coils so that this process does not have a major impact on the delivery date informed to the customer.

Produção - Processo de bobinagem
Processo Tricotagem

Before placing an order, the whole machine is cleaned with compressed air and the fluff is removed with the squeegee, but if it is organic / recycled knitting, the machine is completely cleaned, the plates are disassembled, and remove the needles to clean with degreaser and / or cleaning oil and reassemble. The required quantity of certified yarn is placed next to the respective loom, duly identified and, as soon as the order is finished, the yarn is returned to the warehouse properly packed and identified. The knitting in production of the looms is identified by the labels placed next to the loom (White – Normal Production: OEKO-TEX/ BCI; Green – GOTS; Blue – OCS;Yellow – GRS; Orange-FSC). .


In the Inspection, the worker enters the weight of each roll of knitting produced in the same Manufacturing Order into the computer system, identifying all the rolls with a barcode label and then writing the manufacturing order number with indelible ink so that the roller is always identified.

Produção - Operário introduz no sistema informático o peso de cada rolo de malha
Produção - Armazenamento Malha
Knitting Storage

After knitting, the knitting is properly identified and is stored at the specific warehouse location by machine numbers.


The certified knitting is jacketed and transported in order to prevent it from being contaminated by prohibited substances, when they are mixed with conventional products or by contact with other components in transport.
The goods are always accompanied by the Transport or Delivery Guide. This document must accurately reflect the goods carried with the corresponding claims associated with the product sold. The elements contained in the bill of lading / consignment note must contain:

  • Document number and date;
  • Manufacturing order number;
  • Type of knitting and composition;
  • No. of rolls;
  • No. of kilos;
  • Type of Certification – GOTS/ OCS/ BCI/ GRS / FSC / OEKO-TEX.
Produção - Expedição